Children's Hair Loss



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Children's Hair Loss


Children's Hair Loss - Houston, Texas

At Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, we know that as parents, your concern is in your child’s confidence and security. Although hair loss is children is more prevalent than most people imagine, nothing can be more heart wrenching than watching your child being teased or bullied about how they look.

We’ve treated dozens of small children with Alopecia, teens and tweens with Trich and older kids who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Our team has mastered the techniques required in ensuring a proper hair replacement fit for smaller heads.

We will tailor a hair replacement solution for your child that matches his or her lifestyle, so that they can continue to run, swim, and ride bikes without worrying about their hair.

After your pediatrician or physician diagnoses hair loss and begins working to find the causes, schedule a free consultation visit with the Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness team.

With our vast experience and knowledge of hair replacement products available for treating every age, every size and every ethnicity we will you help find the right hair replacement solution.



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