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Post-Mastectomy Solutions:

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Our Services




The Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness team is here to help you rediscover confidence by customizing solutions for your hair loss, lymphedema or post-mastectomy needs.

We have over 40 years of combined specialized training and industry experience and offer our clients exclusive access to the most advanced products available world-wide.

Our compassionate team members can help you by:

• Providing a Safe and Discreet Environment. All of our consultation rooms are private.

• Educating You About Hair Loss, Lymphedema and Post-Mastectomy Solutions. We pride ourselves in arming our clients with factual and helpful information about their condition and our specialized products.

• Compression Bandaging and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Our Vodder certified massage therapists are highly trained and ready to help allieviate your lymphedema swelling.

• Creating a Customized Compression Garment Solution. Our BOC/ABC certified compression garment fitter, Kristen Anderson-Knowles will tackle any challenge in order to give you back mobility to keep up with an active lifestyle.

• Designing a Natural Looking Hair Duplication Solution. Our world-renowned hair stylist, Ricky Knowles is one of the top stylists in the industry and is sought out by clients from all over the globe.

• Fitting a Comfortable Post-Mastectomy Garment Solution. We have a dedicated team who is here to support you through your cancer journey from diagnosis to recovery.

• Verifying and Billing Your Insurance. We have a full-time insurance specilist who will manage all communications with your insurance provider, ensuring that you receive your insurance benefits.



BOC ABC Certified